Environmental or green investment is not only sustainable, but also profitable. Every year almost 7 trillion USD are needed in infrastructure investments to meet the targets in the fight against climate change.

Not too long ago, ESG investment was considered just one more type of investment. Nowadays, the Covid 19 pandemic has obliged us to re-examine the way our financial resources are distributed. To add further paradigms to this unprecedented time, it seems that sustainability is becoming the “new normal”. Because it is now that this issue has become more pressing than ever.

And we also have proof. Polluted cities have enjoyed blue skies during the tougher lockdown months. The murky waters of the Venice canals are now clean. We are even going back to working from our own homes. The pandemic has confirmed in practice the positive impact that reducing carbon emissions can have on the world.

Being responsible and becoming an investor seeking a return on one’s investments are not necessarily incompatible. ESG considerations were consolidated among investors during the financial crisis, but we are now seeing investors more involved in this than ever before. We cannot yet assert that this is due to the pandemic; however, the numbers do not lie.

Being responsible and being an investor seeking return on investment are not necessarily incompatible concepts.

Green investment has come of age: ESG funds in Europe account for EUR 668 billion in AUM. Green investment is growing: EUR 30 billion in inflows in ESG funds during the first quarter compared to EUR 148 billion of outflows in other European funds. Green investment has an incentive to carry on growing: every year USD 6.9 trillion is needed in infrastructure to meet climate change targets.  Green investment is profitable: ESG funds behave better than non-ESG funds over a time frame of 1, 3, 5 and 10 years.


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