The alternative of Evli AM for diversifying portfolios with corporate bonds

by | 3 Sep 2020

Newspaper Expansión published an article that discusses the scenario of investment in corporate bonds, highlighting some of the options recommended by the experts to deal with this type of asset. One of these is an Evli AM fund.

Is the investment in corporate bonds currently an attractive option? As is almost always the case in investment, the reply is: depends. Depends on the risk profile, among other issues. But the current scenario with interest rates close to zero and the support of central banks render this asset appealing to many investors. Rather than for its very high potential return, this asset is mainly prized for its role in providing stability to investment portfolios, previously provided by government bonds.

The article consults several experts and advisers on the best way to deal with corporate bonds. In light of the difficulties for most private investors to invest directly in the bonds, the investment fund option is recommended. And among the ones recommended by the experts is Evli Short Corporate Bond IB, a fund managed by Evli AM and marketed in Spain by Selinca AV.

As for this fund, the Expansión article mentions that it invests «over two thirds of its assets in fixed income of companies with a short term issue rating. It provides access to Scandinavian markets, which enjoy greater economic and political stability».

If you wish to obtain more information on investment funds from international fund managers, please contact us and we shall inform you on the investment vehicles we work with at Selinca AV.

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