The best equities funds this year: global, growth and American

by | 19 Aug 2020

Newspaper El Español has published a review of the best equities investment funds and we have wanted to share some of its observations.

“From among the equities funds marketed in Spain, ten of these that have obtained the best return in the year, with a 5 star VDOS rating, have been selected. In this selection, we have observed more frequent appearance of US and global equities categories and, in terms of style, growth is the common thread. Only one out of these ten funds invests in Asian corporate stocks.”

Moreover, the author comments on the good performance of Lord Abbett US Growth Leaders fund from the Lord Abbett fund management firm, represented in Spain by Selinca AV.

“With a global and high growth approach, the class A dollar capitalisation of Lord Abbett US Growth Leaders obtained a return of 30.9% until 13 August. Over the last year, it has increased by 33.6%, with a volatility of25%. The management firm seeks to form a portfolio of companies with extraordinary growth, capable of transforming society via innovative products and services. To this end it mainly invests in corporate equities, whether or not in the US, which are believed by the fund managers to present an above average long term growth potential, in all market segments.  Their main positions include names such as Microsoft (6.23%), Amazon (5.93%), Apple (5.50%), Alphabet A (3.30%) and Nvidia (2.67%). The minimum investment required to subscribe the class A USD capitalisation of this fund is 2500 dollars (approximately 2,111 euros). It charges its participants a fixed fee of 1.65% and a deposit fee of 0.03%.”

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