The investment in precious metals as an alternative

by | 4 Sep 2020, a financial publication, published the article ‘Investment in precious metals, an ideal alternative for scenarios of uncertainty and falling rates’. The publication sets out the main conclusions of the study on precious metals prepared by investment management firm OFI AM last May.

“In the current scenario of real interest rates at very low or negative levels over a long period of time, French investment management firm OFI Asset Management, recommends investing in precious metals, as it brings to the investor a decorrelation with financial markets, as well as access to assets with a high revaluation potential”, states the article.

Upside potential factors in the various metals

Gold is characterised for its equilibrium in the market. “Pressures in the supply – few new goldmines, difficult access and increased production costs – drive the price upwards”. As for demand, this is sustained by the stability of the jewellery industry, along with a sharp increase both in ETF investments and central bank purchases.

Regarding silver, its high correlation with gold is of note. On their part, platinum and palladium “play a role in the fight against climate change, as they are used to manufacture catalytic converters for diesel and petrol run cars, as well as petrol engine hybrid vehicles”.

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